I have always been passionate about design and user experience, and this passion has taken me on
an exciting journey.

After earning my Bachelor's degree in graphic design in Lebanon and winning a Merit Award from the International Society of Typographic Designer in London, I packed my bags and left my country to pursue my Master's in computer arts and new media in San Francisco. During this time, I discovered my love for user research and design, and I worked with several startups in the Silicon Valley to hone my skills.

After completing my Master's, I took a job as a UI designer in Atlanta, but I missed the user research aspect of my work. Fortunately, my next job allowed me to combine both UX design and UX research, which I loved.

After being a UX designer for a few years, I met my amazing husband and we decided to have our own little family. So, I took a break from my career to raise my children and explore some other interests.

I became a certified coach and used my skills to work 1:1 and in group setting with women from diverse backgrounds build careers they love and improve their relationships. This work allowed me to learn more about human behavior, needs, and motivations, which have proven to be valuable assets in my UX work.

During my time as a coach, I also had the opportunity to write and publish three books which you can find on amazon. I also enjoyed giving presentations and teaching workshops across the country.

I am constantly learning and growing and one of my latest hobbies is doing botanical watercolor art. It took me a few years of trial and error to be able to do what I do now but I really enjoyed the process. It is fun, therapeutic and very meditative.
Now that my children are a bit older, I am eager to return to the workforce and continue growing and learning in the field of UX design. I am excited to use my skills and understanding of human behavior to make a positive impact on others through my work and help meet their needs and provide satisfaction with everything I design.
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