What Colleagues and clients are saying
Cynthia is a highly energetic, passionate, creative individual. She loves her work and gets completely engaged with the project she works on. I really enjoyed working with her on MobiQpons and will take up another opportunity to work with her. I strongly recommend her work as a creative/ui/visual/web designer.
Navneet, Founder of Mobiqpons
Cynthia is one of the warmest, kindest and open people I have met in the workplace. She approaches her work like her life, with a positive and optimistic outlook that is more than a little refreshing. She takes her job very seriously and is always actively trying to better her skill set and her understanding of the User Experience. She is thorough and professional and would be an asset to any UX/Creative team in need of her unique skills and perspective. She is very smart and funny and generous to others and was a pleasure to work with.
Andrew, Senior Art Director
We hired Cynthia for our visual design / UI design projects and I've been consistently surprised by the superb quality she has delivered. In addition to powerful skillsets on visual design from concept creation to asset delivery, we loved her logical and strong opinions on user interaction design of our products. I believe her commitment and proactive attitude will continue to help any projects she will be working on.
Ryosuke, Developers' advocate, Google
Cynthia has a passion for design and brings her creativity to every project she works on. She took a ho hum product and turned it into one that customers recommended to their friends because it was easy and alot of fun to use.
Heather, COO
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